Puerto Rico Hop on Hop Off Tour

Puerto Rico Hop on Hop off Tour-Kiosko de Luquillo
Kiosko de Luquillo – One of the stops of Hop on Hop off tour.

Be Happy Puerto Rico Hop on Hop off Tour – Learn More

Travel with us to our favorite locations on the island of Puerto Rico in this amazing Hop on Hop Off day tour.

We give you the best local and cultural information on the tour as we travel and drive you through the island of Enchantment. This Hop on Hop Tour takes you to various places on the island and metro area where you want to go for shopping, eating, and fun. You will get to see the amazing areas of Puerto Rico by air conditioned vehicle to get you where you need to be. In other words, treated like VIPs during the entire tour.

Where do we start

This transportation includes our Old San Juan, Condado and Isla Verde which are known as our high-end and nightlife scene and as a result to this it’s where you’ll find some of the most popular restaurants and high-end fashion designer boutiques.

Thereafter our next stop includes the Outlets at 66. Presently one the best places to have some family time since this mall includes a bowling alley, movie theater, Go-karts, rock clmbing and many more things. As a result to having so many things to do one ca ould spend hours here and love every minute of it.

Our last stop, Luquillo Beach and surrounding areas. Enjoy entertainment, natural surroundings, street food, shopping, gaming, a beautiful beach.

We know the best spots where you can eat and shop along the way meanwhile we amaze with information about the local history. In other words, be prepared to get schooled on whats happening in Puerto Rico. Equally important tasting some of the best puerto-rican food you have ever had.

As soon as you return home you’re gonna want to come back and we will be here waiting for you. With this in mind, make sure you check out our other tours to have the full experience of this wonderful little island.

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Puerto Rico Hop on Hop off Itinerary and Schedule

We will pick travelers up in Plaza Colon in old San Jaun at 9AM, 10AM, and 11AM. From there, we make 6 different stops where travelers can get off and enjoy the surrounding attractions. These include Condado, Isla Verde, The Outlets at 66, Palmer Rio Grande, and Luquillo Beach Puerto Rico.

The schedule for his tour is below for the travelers convenience:

San Juan Shuttle

Morning Trip

9:00 AM Plaza Colón, Old San Juan
9:10 AM Departs Plaza Colón, Old San Juan
9:30 AM Condado
9:40 AM Depart Condado
10:00 AM Isla Verde
10:10 AM depart island verde
10:30 AM Outlets 66
10:40 AM depart Outlets 66
11:00 AM Palmer Rio Grande
11:10 AM Depart Palmer
11:30 AM Luquillo Rio Grande

Mid Morning Trip

10:00 AM Plaza Colón, Old San Juan
10:10 AM Departs Plaza Colón, Old San Juan
10:30 AM Condado
10:40 AM Depart Condado
11:00 AM Isla Verde
11:10 AM depart island verde
11:30 AM outlets 66
11:40 AM depart outlets 66
12:00 PM Palmer Rio Grande
12:10 PM Depart Palmer
12:30 PM Luquillo Rio Grande

Early Afternoon

11AM Plaza Colón, Old San Juan
11:10 AM Departs Plaza Colón, Old San Juan
11:30 AM Condado
11:40 AM Depart Condado
12:00 PM Isla Verde
12:10 PM depart Isla Verde
12:30 PM Outlets 66
12:40 PM depart Outlets 66
1:00 PM Palmer Rio Grande
1:10 PM Depart Palmer, Rio Grande
1:30 PM Luquillo Rio Grande

Luquillo Shuttles:

Early Afternoon

1:00 PM Luquillo, Rio Grande
1:10 PM depart Luquillo, Rio Grande
1:30 PM Palmer, Rio Grande
1:40 PM depart Palmer, Rio Grande
2:00 PM Outlets 66
2:10 PM depart Outlets
2:30 PM Isla Verde
2:40 PM  depart Isla Verde
3:00 PM Condado
3:10 PM depart Condado
3:30 PM  Plaza Colón, Old San Juan


2:00 PM Luquillo, Rio Grande
2:10 PM depart Luquillo, Rio Grande
2:30 PM Palmer, Rio Grande
2:40 PM depart Palmer, Rio Grande
3:00 PM Outlets 66
3:10 PM depart Outlets
3:30 PM Isla Verde
3:40 PM  depart Isla Verde
4:00 PM Condado
4:10 PM depart Condado
4:30 PM  Plaza Colón, Old San Juan

Late Afternoon

3:00 PM Luquillo, Rio Grande
3:10 PM depart Luquillo, Rio Grande
3:30 PM Palmer, Rio Grande
3:40 PM depart Palmer, Rio Grande
4:00 PM Outlets 66
4:10 PM depart Outlets
4:30 PM Isla Verde
4:40 PM  depart Isla Verde
5:00 PM Condado
5:10 PM depart Condado
5:30 PM  Plaza Colón, Old San Juan

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